Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Ageing

How do I achieve Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Ageing (VLA)?

Antoinette is one of a small group of Healthcare Professionals who has received extensive training in Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Ageing making them well equipped to help you achieve your goals. VLA is a system that gives Antoinette all the tools she needs to help you maximise your ongoing health and well being, It includes a scientifically validated test known as Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA). This test interprets your results and records your progress, plus the VLA program offers a range of natural therapies and exercises to have you looking and feeling at your best.

What is Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA)?

BIA is a science that was originally developed for the use in monitoring hospital patients after surgery. It has also been used in a number of the space missions to monitor astronaut's health. Antoinette will connect leads to your hands and feet passing a small current through your body. This is a painless procedure which provides information on several of your body's 'biomarkers'.

What do Biomarkers tell you about your health?

Biomarkers are parameters that measure an aspect of your health. They allow Antoinette to monitor your energy levels, support athletic performance, inflammation and response to treatment. BIA is also a very accurate tool for measuring body fat and muscle levels, two of the most important biomarkers of all. No other test provides all of this information so quickly and easily.

Who is the VLA program for?

The main people to benefit from this program are people who want to:

  • manage their weight
  • increase muscle tone and fitness
  • improve their energy
  • age healthily

What will I receive?

Antoinette will perform a quick test, and then enter your results into a computer. You will be given a computerised analysis of your health, including your key biomarkers, and Antoinette will discuss a strategy for health improvement. Over time, your results can be compared, so that you and Antoinette have a very clear idea of your progress.

Your treatment plan may involve dietary changes, the use of nutritional supplements and an exercise program. It will be tailored specifically to address your health goals.

You can find out more information when you Contact Us.

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