Tough Love Program

Thank you for your enquiry with regard to the TODAY TONIGHT Program on "Antoinette's Tough Love Program" for children with ADD/ADHD/ODD and other behavioural challenges. The information on this form will be used to assist us and you in moving toward a solution for your child. Please complete the whole form and remember to click the submit button at the end so we receive your information.

Any details entered below will be kept in the strictest confidence and utilised only for assisting you and your child on the program as per Australian Privacy Law. The booking form uses Javascript - please ensure Javascript is enabled in your browser.

To get you started:-

  • Make a list of the personal care products you and your child are using, e.g. toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, gel, shampoo, conditioner – brand and product name and complete the following fields so that we can start your child's program:
  • TMA Hair Analysis - so that we can have the hair checked to see what minerals are low and if there are any heavy metals in the system, which could cause behaviour changes. (The tests are done in USA and take approximately 2-3 weeks. It would be good to have this done before my visit so that we can go through the results together by either phone or at your face-to-face consultation.

    The Laboratory Cost is $140 and a follow up Telephone Results Consultation is $100 (GST Free).

    Check this box if you would like to receive a Hair Analysis Kit:

  • The water purifier we use and recommend for the past 20 years "Nature's Spring Reverse Osmosis" see the products recommended page these retail for $880.

  • Trampoline is our exercise of choice - 15 minutes daily which can be an outside trampoline or a small rebounder.

  • Children of all ages must keep their rooms tidy and put toys, games etc back where they got them from and put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket THIS IS A MUST NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Have your child's blood type assessed if it is unknown to you and then download the food chart to suit from our website and start on the foods that suit your child and avoid the foods that do not. If you are coming to a Seminar in your State (Bookings are essential as seating is limited – seminars will be held at locations with enough interested people) you will need to know your child's Blood Type (e.g. A, O, B. or AB) as I will be speaking on each blood type and what that means to your child I will also be speaking on toxin awareness in your home. Seminars started in January 2004 and will run to 2010. There will also be an opportunity to join our wholesale buying club.

    Your child's blood type is:

I will be speaking in a day or night seminar and then stay to see the children who have booked consultations, as one on one consultation numbers are limited.

Most of the literature will be able to be downloaded from this website. Items of interest will be added and if you would like Antoinette to come to your city just access the Seminar or Consultation sections and provide your details together with your email address.

Remember that only Antoinette's Ehealth offer the many years of research and dedication which leads to an effective and economical resolution. Others who can "offer the same type of service" or "have something similar" to us may not have the background to help effectively. Every parent wants to provide the best foundation for their children to build on - Ehealth can help you to achieve your goal!


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