Tough Love Program Steps

Steps for Parents...

  • Do not cook in aluminium saucepans or in aluminium foil
  • Do not smoke in the house or in the car
  • Parents are not slaves
  • Use toxin and carcinogen (cancer forming) free products
  • Lead by example - children want to be like their parents
  • Reverse osmosis purified water is essential

Steps for Children...

  • Must get out of bed as soon as called each morning
  • Must keep their room tidy
  • Must take their dirty clothes to the laundry
  • Must exercise on the trampoline for 15 minutes daily
  • No meals to be eaten in front of the TV
  • Must contribute to the household by setting the table, clearing the table, washing up and other chores
  • Game Boys must not have the music on
  • Homework must be done nightly, if there is none, then some study
  • Parents are to read to small children for half an hour every day
  • Bed time is 8.30pm. The time after 8.30pm belongs to parents.

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